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Item 5 is a Austin luxury development company that offers consulting, management and development services. We touch on every aspect of construction, from feasibility to move in. 

The Process

Preconstruction Services

In partnership with your design team our Preconstruction Services team provides experience to assess a project’s budget, timeline and constructability. For example, a recent residential project in West Lake Hills, through our team’s onsite meetings with the city, we discovered the architect had drawn the setbacks wrong on the site plan, not accounting for the implications of the corner lot. Through our efforts with the architect and the city, we were able to solve this problem prior to submitting for a permit. This single contribution saved the client and design team weeks in permit rejection, and $21,000.

clear & accurate understanding

Custom Client Platforms

While building we offer a client platform which provides a clear and accurate understanding of all aspects of your project including budget, schedule, selection status, etc. Every financial transaction posted in real time, for your review. Additionally our job site cameras offer you a live view of your project from anywhere in the world. Finally, we don’t employ middlemen. Your contact on the site is the full time project manager supervising every aspect of your construction. This ensures there is no miscommunication between your wishes, and what’s executed in the field.

Our development team is constantly reviewing opportunities all over Texas. We’ve consulted on and produced a wide range of development tools including proformas, ROI analysis, and capital contribution models. Whether teaming with us or tapping our industry experience, we’re able to keep projects on track to be purposeful, powerful and profitable. We pride ourself on being one of the top Austin luxury development companies.

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