Bar Peached

The Results

Bar Peached is a historic restaurant remodel in Austin, Texas. The project was completed by the team at Studio SIX Architecture and Design.
The building is located in Clarksville, an area of town that’s been around since the 1850s and is considered one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods.
The original structure has undergone numerous transformations over its lifetime: it started out as a single-family home before being converted into apartments; then later became office space; finally ended up as Bar Peached when the ow. ner purchased and renovated it in 2020. The renovation included an entire interior transformation and many outdoor spaces’ construction. The building has two floors, with a rooftop patio and bar area that looks down on the street below. interior spaces. The goal was to create a comfortable and inviting space while maintaining the building’s original charm.

Project Name
Bar Peached
Design Category

Interior and Exterior Remodel of Existing Restaurant Space


Austin, TX

Completion Date


Square Footage

3,700 sq ft

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Design Hound